(212) 305-2725

Department Administrator/CFO
Bonnie Wang

Associate Director of Research Administration
Kara Bauer

Director of Human Resources & Academic Affairs
Francesca Savia

Executive Director of Development
Jane Heffner

Director of Finance & Operations
Mel Rodriguez

Education Coordinator
Denise Abreu


Clinical Practice

(212) 305-9535

Practice Administrator
Daniel Trese

Operations Manager
Marrielle Goc

Practice Manager (Eye Institute & CHONY)
Joseph Zapatier

Practice Manager (ColumbiaDoctors Third Avenue)
Christine Gonzalez

Practice Manager (ColumbiaDoctors Ophthalmology West End and ColumbiaDoctors Ophthalmology Midtown)
Valerie Collazo

Ophthalmic Technician Manager
Jennifer Bazaz

Ophthalmic Photography Manager
David McMahon