From the Archives: DocTalks, 2018 Featuring Columbia Ophthalmology


Columbia Ophthalmology looks back at DocTalks:Vision 20/20


We are at an auspicious moment in the history of medicine and science, and nowhere are the benefits and promises of recent progress being felt more acutely than in ophthalmology.

The tools of precision medicine are making it possible to use each patient's unique profile to personalize treatment; big data is allowing our investigators to glean knowledge and test hypotheses that even in the recent past were little more than conjecture and instinct. The impact of these new tools is being seen across all diagnoses of vision diseases. Advancements in treatments for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and ophthalmological cancers are accelerating and offering promising new hope to patients.

DocTalks: Vision 20/20 covers the most exciting recent developments and avenues of investigation, ranging from our clinics to our laboratories, as we seek better diagnoses and therapies-and ultimately cures and preventions­ for a wide spectrum of eye diseases and disorders.

Resources: 2018 DocTalks from CUIMC Giving on Vimeo.