Precision Ophthalmology Book Brings Home 3 for the 2018 Awards Season



From left to right:

  • 2018 Merit Award, Graphis Magazine, New York, NY, US  -  Category - Typography in Use
  • 2018 American Graphic Design Award, from Graphic Design, NY, US - Category - Corporate Report
  • 2018 Health + Wellness Design Award, from Graphic Design, NY, USA - Category - Corporate Report











Cover Design, Precision Ophtahlmology - click to view the digital book


Precision Ophthalmology at Columbia

We are very pleased to announce that the product of our collaboration with hgDesign NYC, the Precision OphthlamologyTM department publication has brought home no fewer than three awards from internationally recognized competitions for design and publishing, this year. The publication, shown above with links to the full publication, has been honored by Graphis Inc. and Graphic Design USA in the categories listed.

The award reflects the combined efforts of a project team of those inside and out of the Department, an effort we'd like to recognize. We're thrilled with the publication, which was created with a level of quality that is being recognized in the community of its peers. For example, the original flagship competition, Graphic Design USA's American Graphic Design Award honors outstanding design work of all kinds and across all media. Of the more than 10,000 entries submitted, less than 10 percent were recognized. In that esteemed selection, Precision Ophthalmology was honored with a Certificate of Excellence for overall design excellence in the category of Corporate Reports. The book was also honored by the same organization for excellence in the category of Health + Wellness Design for the same period.

Last, Graphis is an international competition, honoring outstanding design work and is one of the most prestigious awards in the design field. Our award was in a category called “Typography in Use,” which showcases the creative use of type as a fundamental design element of the project. The department of Ophthalmology is pleased to accept these awards on behalf of the entire project team, and to extend our congratulations to everyone, including the design team of hgDesign NYC, lead by principal, Hershell George, and the CUIMC content contributors and editors. All of whom worked so very dilligently to ensure the excellence of this publication. These efforts, we are pleased to showcase, have not gone unnoticed! For full details, visit the Precision Ophthalmology program page, here at the website.

G.A. (Jack) Cioffi, MD
Edward S. Harkness Professor
Jean and Richard Deems Professor Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology



1 Columbia University Irving Medical Center, Department of Ophthalmology & hgDesign NYC (2016). Precision Ophthalmology at Columbia. J. Heffner, B. Wang, V. Williams-Sanchez, MS, PMP, (Eds.). New York, New York.