VIEWPOINT: Tingting Yang, PhD Joins Ophthalmology


New Faculty: Department Welcomes Structural Biology/Electrophysiology Expert Tingting Yang, PhD

Tingting Yang, PhD, a promising research scientist with unique expertise in both electrophysiology and structural biology, will join the Department of Ophthalmology as Assistant Professor of Ophthalmic Sciences (in Ophthalmology) in September 2019, with the help of funding from the CUIMC Target-of-Opportunity Faculty Recruitment Award. Formerly an assistant professor in pharmacology and physiology at the University of Rochester, Dr. Yang’s research focuses on the structure and function of ion channels, and the pathological mechanism and treatment of their associated diseases, known as channelopathies.

One of her main areas of interest is in Bestrophin1, a calcium- activated chloride channel which plays an important role in normal vision. In a 2014 paper in Science, Dr. Yang detailed vital clues to the pathological mechanisms involved in mutations to the BEST1 gene, which are associated with macular degeneration.

Dr. Yang received a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and a master’s degree in microbiology from Fudan University in China, before earning a second master’s degree in applied mathematics and statistics and a PhD in biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

Her appointment to the Department of Ophthalmology is a homecoming for Dr. Yang. Before joining the faculty at the University of Rochester, she was a post-doctoral research scientist in the laboratory of Wayne Hendrickson, PhD, University Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics and Violin Family Professor of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Columbia.

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