Michael Kazim, MD
Michael Kazim, MD

Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology and Surgery

Dr. Kazim is Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology and Surgery at the Harkness Eye Institute – Columbia University Medical Center. He completed medical school, an internship in General Surgery and residency in Ophthalmology at Columbia before moving to University of Pennsylvania- Scheie Eye Institute/Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for fellowship training in Oculoplastic Surgery and Craniofacial Ophthalmology. He then took a second fellowship in Pittsburgh in Orbital Surgery and Neuro-ophthalmology. He subsequently returned to the Harkness Eye Institute where he has practiced since 1990. Dr Kazim is world recognized for his work in the field of orbital disease including the management of complex orbital tumors and Thyroid Eye Disease. He is a member of the International Orbit Society, American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery(ASOPRS), American Academy of Ophthalmology(AAO), American College of Surgeons and is a founding member and first President of the International Thyroid Eye Disease Society(ITEDS). ITEDS fosters clinical research and patient education in he field of Thyroid Eye Disease. He is currently the chief investigator for several clinical studies for Thyroid Eye Disease. He has published over 100 article and book chapters, and is an editor or reviewer for a dozen peer-review journals. His clinical interests have fostered the development of multiple new surgical procedures and devices. He annually trains ASOPRS national and international fellows as well as nine Harkness ophthalmology residents. His enthusiasm for teaching has earned him the Departmental Teaching award on two occasions, AAO teaching recognition, and invitations to speak at over 200 national and international conferences, universities and hospitals.

Board Certification

  • Ophthalmology

Areas of Expertise

  • Orbital Tumors
  • Thyroid Eye Disease
  • Adult and Pediatric Oculoplastic Surgery
  • Eyelid Tumors
  • Tear Duct Surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Trauma

Education and Training

  • Columbia University – BA
  • Columbia University – MD
  • Internship – General Surgery – Columbia University
  • Residency – Ophthalmology – Columbia University
  • Fellowship – Oculoplastic Surgery – University of Pennsylvania/Scheie Eye Institute/Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Fellowship – Orbital Surgery and Neuro-ophthalmology – Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburgh


Edward S Harkness Eye Institute
635 west 165th Street
New York NY 10032

178 East 71st Street
New York NY 10021


  • Medicare

Honors and Awards

  • Best Doctors New York
  • Best Doctors in America
  • Super Docs
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • American Academy of Ophthalmology – Senior achievement award
  • Lester Jones Surgical Anatomy Award – ASOPRS
  • Harness Eye Institute – Best Teacher Award


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