After Your Surgery

  1. It is recommended that you keep your eyes closed for 5-6 hours following the procedure. No television, reading, or computer use on the day of surgery.
  2. Rest and use your drops during the first 24 hours after surgery, but do not interrupt sleep to take drops.
  3. Do not drive for at least 12 hours after surgery.
  4. Use clear protective shield(s) while sleeping.
  5. Do not wear eye make-up for at least one week after surgery.
  6. When you shower, please keep your eyes closed and away from tap water, soap and shampoo. Alternatively, you can wear protective shields.
  7. Do not participate in contact/impact sports for 2-4 weeks. Golf and mild aerobic exercise is usually fine within a few days, or at your physician’s discretion.
  8. Protective eyewear must be worn when participating in any sporting activity.
  9. No swimming, hot tub, sauna or steam bath for 4 weeks after surgery.
  10. No yard, garden, or wood work for 1 week after surgery.
  11. When leaving after your surgery, avoid sitting in the front of the car that is equipped with airbags. 
  12. When you are outside, please wear protective sunglasses as you will be sensitive to light.

Please follow any other instructions prescribed by your physician.