Parking Lot Instructions

Parking at the Edward S. Harkness Eye Institute or Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital

Central Parking (Fort Washington Avenue between 164th and 165th Street)

Parking Rates for Patients

  • Up to ½ Hour: $15
  • Up to 1 Hour: $19
  • Up to 2 Hours: $26
  • Up to 4 Hours: $29
  • Up to 8 Hours: $31
  • Up to 24 Hours $35
  • Oversize/Exotic surcharge additional $10


Parking at 880 3rd Avenue

Central Parking (East 53rd Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenue)

Parking Rates for Patients

  • Up to 12 Hours - $15
  • Up to 15 Hours - $20
  • Oversize surcharge additional $10

Discount vouchers* are located inside of the practice. Please inform a staff member that you parked inside of Central Parking garage in order to receive your voucher.

*subject to availability


Parking at Robert Burch Family Eye Center

ICON Parking (285 West 64th Street)

    Parking Rates for Patients.

  • Pay $30 for up to a maximum of three hours.
  • Visitors returning to the garage should present their validated parking stamp, and inform the parking attendant they are seeking the Lighthouse Guild reduced parking rate. 

    Longer stays will pay the normal, posted rate.  Current rates without the discount at this location are as follows:

    • Up to one-hour - $23
    • Up to two-hours - $35, and
    • Two-hours or over - $46


    SP+ Parking - (270 West 60th Street - Enter on 60th Street between Amsterdam and West End Ave)

    Park for up to 4 hours - $18 tax included tax – vouchers to be picked up when checking out of the office

    • $15 surcharge for oversize vehicles