Lid Laceration

Lid Laceration 

  • Penetrating ocular injuries that cause lid lacerations have to be carefully explored.
  • The injuries may range from simple laceration to globe perforation and injury to the lacrimal system.
  • History of blunt objects contusions to the periorbital region may raise the suspicion of countercoup retinal problems and blowout fractures of the orbit.

Work Up:

  • A possible foreign body embedded within the lacerated lid and the globe has to be ruled out.
  • Thorough ophthalmologic examination is crucial as the condition permits.
  • Orbital X-ray, CT-scan, or ultrasonography is sometimes required for further diagnostic purposes.


  • Should not always be carried out as an emergency procedure.
  • Delayed repair for up to 48 hours is especially beneficial for lacerations with significant risk of infection or contamination.