Iris Coloboma

Iris coloboma with a bridging iris tissue. 

Clinical features

  • Symptoms:
    • Maybe asymptomatic
    • Blurry vision
    • Glare
  • Signs:
    • Typically located inferonasally
    • Appears as notches in iris or "keyhole pupils"
    • May or may not be associated with chorioretinal coloboma
    • Absence of zonules in the area of a ciliary body coloboma results in lens notching (coloboma)
  • Other associated syndromes may include:
    • Autosomal dominant uveal coloboma
    • Cat eye syndrome
    • Edwards' syndrome
    • Patau's syndrome
    • Linear nevus sebaceous syndrome. 


  • Supportive with sunglasses, tinted contact lens or contact lens with artificial pupil
  • Surgical iridoplasty in patients with severe and intolerable symptoms