Treatments and Services

Before determining a treatment plan, our specialists will perform a comprehensive eye exam that includes diagnostic tests, such as:

For patients with cataracts that require removal, we can offer several state-of-the-art treatment options, including:

  • Phacoemulsification – This is the latest technology in removing cataracts and implanting artificial lenses.
  • Artificial lenses – Patients undergoing cataract removal can choose from several artificial, or intraocular, lens options. These include:
    • Monofocal lens – This lens fixes the power of the eye to one focal plane. Medicare and insurance plans will cover the cost of this lens. Monofocal lenses can provide patients with one of the following results:
      • Good far distance vision, but glasses will be needed for near vision
      • Good near vision, but glasses will be needed for far distance vision
    • Premium intraocular lenses – These lenses can often provide more flexible vision results, but are not usually covered by Medicare or other insurance plans. Options include:
      • Multifocal lens – This lens can fix the power of eye to more than one focal plane. This allows the patient to see at both near and far distances, often without the need for glasses. 
      • Toric lens – This lens can correct astigmatism in the eye. This allows the patient to have better vision and be less dependent on glasses.