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Comprehensive Eye Care

We offer routine ophthalmic evaluations to screen for and treat many general ophthalmic conditions as well as work with and coordinate your care with other ophthalmology subspecialits in the department.

Geriatric Ophthalmology

In addition to our comprehensive services, the Department of Ophthalmology offers services specially designed for elderly patients. We understand that elderly patients have unique responses to diseases and treatments that differentiate them from "older adults.” When treating our elderly patients, our physicians employ specialized expertise and experience to address any geriatric syndromes that might affect the patient’s evaluation, treatment, and prognosis.

Low Vision Services

Our staff collaborates with The Jewish Guild Healthcare to provide special rehabilitation services for patients with low vision. Low vision causes poor visual function that cannot be adequately corrected with medical or surgical therapy, conventional eyewear, or contact lenses. People with low vision often have either a loss of visual sharpness or acuity, but the condition can also involve a loss of field of vision, light sensitivity, distorted vision, or loss of contrast. Low vision rehabilitation services do not cure the condition, but they can help a patient use his or her remaining vision to its fullest potential. For more information please visit the website for the Jewish Guild Healthcare.

Our Experts

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