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Pediatric ophthalmologists are medical and surgical physicians who specialize in the eye problems of children. Children experience a variety of eye problems that can be different from those in adults. These problems often require special attention, as a child’s eye and general vision are still developing up until age 9. In order to ensure good vision as children get older, potential eye problems must be caught and treated early.

At Columbia University’s Department of Ophthalmology, our team of pediatric ophthalmologists can diagnose and treat children of all ages, from newborn babies to teenagers.

Our pediatric specialists also treat adults with strabismus. Strabismus is a condition that affects the alignment of the eyes, and causes each eye to look in a different direction. Because pediatric ophthalmologists have specialized experience in dealing with small eye muscles, they are uniquely qualified to perform the delicate treatments necessary to align adult eyes with stabismus.

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