Portrait of Dr. George A. Cioffi, MD
George A.
Cioffi, MD
Portrait of Dr Luz Amaro-Quireza
Amaro-Quireza, OD
Portrait of Dr. Stanley Chang, MD
Chang, MD
Portrait of Dr. Steven L. Trokel, MD
Stephen L.
Trokel, MD
Portrait of Dr. Lama A. Al-Aswad, MD
Lama A.
Al-Aswad, MD
Portrait of Dr. James D. Auran, MD
James D.
Auran, MD
Portrait of Dr. Konstantin Petrukhin, PhD
Petrukhin, PhD


Our medical team is made up of world-renowned physicians, who are at the forefront of medical eye research. Many of the breakthroughs in understanding eye problems and their treatment have been developed at Columbia.

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With Stem Cells from Patients, Drs. Janet Sparrow and Stephen Tsang and colleagues reproduce age-related macular degeneration in a dish
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